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She felt me trying to pull her panties down so she immediately raised herself, so as to make it easier for me. She resumed her former position once I had removed them. She managed to tear herself away from the screen long enough to plant a full wet kiss on my lips and then I felt her undoing the top of my trousers and she carefully unzipped me. She invited me to take them off, reminding me with a smile that I never usually wore them when I watched such films! I slipped them off and sat back next to her.

We were now both naked below the waist and it was thus very easy to play with each other whilst we continued watching the film. It was an incredibly erotic situation and in a very short space of time we had both climaxed. Had we been in bed, there would have been a few post coital kisses, a few endearments voiced and then we would have both fallen asleep. However the video was still running, the leading couple were now on a nudist beach and we continued to watch it. I picked up her glass and waving it in front of her face asked her if she wanted more.

“I’d love to if you’re up to it, but maybe we ought to wait a while and have another glass of wine in the interim.” She was smiling as I replenished her wine and sat back alongside her. The woman on the beach was now giving a blowjob to her well-endowed partner and Kelly was again showing signs that it was getting to her.

She decided she’d sit on my lap. When had made herself comfortable she turned her face to mine and told me how much she loved me. We watched the film between kisses. Now and again I stuck my tongue in her ear, or gently bit her earlobe. She has very sensitive ears and she would involuntarily shudder. Although I had not long climaxed, watching a pornographic film with a beautiful half naked woman squirming on my lap did wonders for my rate of recovery.

In record time I was sporting another full erection. Kelly could not fail to be aware of it and she got off my lap, but only so that she could then straddle me. Her eyes never left mine as she reached down between us, grasped my cock and slowly impaled herself on it. When it could go no further she leaned forward to kiss me, and I tasted her tongue. Then she crossed her arms in front of her, gripped the sides of her grey top and slowly removed it. First her midriff was uncovered, then the lower swell of her breasts came into view and finally her nipples were exposed as they sprung free of the clinging material.

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