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A true and enhanced telling of my first time being had by another man in the presence of my current husband. Raymond and I have been married for thirteen years and have a nice home and family life together. This episode took place about three years ago shortly after our ten year wedding anniversary. Ray has always had some interesting ideas about sharing me with another man. He is very keen on role play and scenarios and I do not mind indulging them sometimes. We have a small collection of toys and devices we use during these sessions. From a small thumb sized vibrator to a very thick and veiny extension he likes to wear and indulge in my depths occasionally. Outside of that his dynamic five incher is the only thing that has been in my womb besides two children for over fourteen years. Previously I was with my ex-fiancé Mickey for two years and before that my first husband Jason for five years.

Jason was a tall and bulky man but his parts were about the same as Rays were. Only with Rays smaller build everything was proportionate. Jason was abusive and liked to have affairs so I divorced him. It hurt me but good riddance. I can't be hurt constantly. Mickey was a tough guy that liked to drink and work on cars and motorcycles. He was skinny and semi-tall and also the largest packaged man I had been with in a relationship with. He loved to try to hurt me with it and on many drunken nights would stab his nine inch and thick meat in me repeatedly. I was very fragile minded and coming off a divorce and was eager to please any man. With beer on his breath he would say very obvious things in my ear while poking his timber deep in and out of me. "You like that big dick don't you"? I did like it. "Oh yes, yes, oh, ouch, oh". Then he would come and go to sleep. He had an awesome body and equipment but was lazy and selfish. He used to make me suck his dick on almost a daily basis but would not touch me. He began to drink heavier and I broke my ankle and gained a few pounds during our time together. We split and never looked back.

Ray was very loving, handsome, and a good provider. He is very fun to be with and loves every inch of me. I am not obese but have my mom's thick butt and chest. Men love my long blonde curls as well. Ray insists it should be shared and opened up. I am still rather tightly bound in the vaginal region and get really wet when aroused. The toys feel good and a deep fuck would be nice, yet I would never do anything to ruin my marriage. Until one warm and early October day at a state run war memorial park near where we live. There is a body of water near the park and it flourishes with fish and wildlife. We used to camp there and still go there to get fresh air and hike on the miles of scenic trails throughout the park. As we were driving around looking to park our vehicle Ray starts rubbing my neck and back. It feels very nice. I love his massage skills and warm touch. Ray is hinting on sex in the back of the van in the middle of the day in public. I was getting the hint

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