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When we enter my home, I grabbed Betty's arm and escorted her to the edge of the bed. I told her to sit there while I looked for my glasses. She got up and asked where the bathroom was, saying that the five beers were exploding her bladder. I said her lack of self control had gotten her into enough trouble for one day; she would have to learn obedience. I pushed her back on the bed, found my glasses, and returned to the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and told Betty to kneel down, placing her bottom over my lap.

She obeyed, and then I pulled her shorts down to her ankles. She was wearing white cotton panties, the crack showed the wetness from her sweating. I pulled her panties down to join her shorts. I took one arm and placed it across her back, pushing her down harder on my lap. Betty said the pressure on her bladder was extreme and pleaded to use the bathroom.

I told her that the punishment must be administered first. Her cheeks were partially flushed from the heat; a musky, sweaty odor arose from between her legs. I flattened my hand and brought it down hard against her buttocks. Betty winced as her cheeks turned pink. My hand rose up and came down several more times. As the stinging pain increased, she squirmed around on my lap and her legs spread apart as far as her shorts & panties would allow.

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masterslaveinluv said

2 years ago, i was searching for a Master as i am a slave. i have been very fortunate to meet the man/Master of my dreams. Since then, i have relocated my life to be with him 24/7. We are very happy and thank Alt. for helping us to find each other especially in particular, a match to our lifestyle. Once again, thank you and we recommend Alt. to anyone who is searching for that special someone. Sincerely, Master Ron and slavedebra

milkluvr said

I have been a gold VIP member for years now. Two years ago I met a 19-year old sub here on Alt and we began an incredible journey together. We were married in Fiji on July 2, 2009 and we just had out 1st anniversary a couple months ago. We had a brand new baby daughter on August 17th and life gets better for us with each and every passing day. Thank you for bringing us together!