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Read Hot Sex Stories We pushed through the door into the Pine Lake locker room. As Julie-Ann Cordell entered, there was a grunting cheer which echoed around the little space. About twenty young men were lined up wearing only their hockey sweaters. Their cocks stuck out aggressively above their muscular thighs like purple-veined moon rockets.

Some of the players were stroking and squeezing their dicks attentively, while others let them swing and wag unhandled. They all appeared to be in their very late teens or early twenties and all were hard and slender and pulsating with barely controlled post-adolescent male lust.

Julie-Ann walked over to the far end of the locker-room where three or four benches had been parked side by side and covered with several layers of towel. A plastic ice bucket full of packaged condoms sat next to a jumbo size box of wet wipes and a massive squirt bottle of strawberry flavoured lube. She kicked off her boots and reached back to unzip her tight leather skirt.

“Now, guys,” said Coach Tobin, “let’s hear it for the Pine Knob Lake Lakers!”

“Pine Knob Lake! Pine Knob Lake! Pine Knob Lake!” chanted the players. Julie-Ann dropped her skirt and pulled her tight sweater over her thick dark hair. She struggled with the stretchy sleeves for a few seconds, her full breasts pushing out at her beige lace bra. Then she fought free of the top and unhooked the bra to show her firm, blunt-nippled DD-cup tits.

“Pine Knob Lake! Pine Knob Lake!” Less than half of the players were chanting now. The rest were staring at Julie-Ann Cordell and almost all of them were touching and pulling their dicks. She peeled down her pantyhose and pulled at a tiny blue and orange thong.

“We sell the panties afterwards to raise money for charity,” Janis Stanley whispered.

“Really? I hadn’t known that,” Karina responded. Her voice was slightly hoarse. I saw her glance down the line of thick, hard cocks and then hastily look away and focus nervously on a patch of ceiling.

Julie-Ann kicked free of her nylons and knelt on the benches, her ass shoved out towards the line of men and her thighs apart, exposing her shaved pudendum with its thin pink inner line and tiny moist convulvular vortex.

“That’s the team captain, Clark MacHusky,” Janis Stanley indicated the brawny, crew-cut jock at the head of the line of young men. A snake tattoo slithered across his taut abdominal muscles and shaved pubis to flicker its tongue at the thick trunk of a throbbing cock at least ten inches long.

“Clarke is one of our most successful reclamation projects. Three years ago, he was arrested smoking hashish and spray painting graffiti on the outside walls of our local Wal-Mart. He’s a good example of what our hockey league can accomplish, given time and dedicated volunteers.”

MacHusky strode across the locker room and positioned himself directly behind Julie-Ann Cordell’s vulnerable cunt, his thighs slightly spread apart and his ass muscles clenched. He tore open a condom package and pulled out the grey rubber oyster inside.

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