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I let my tongue run freely along her neck and up to her ear, which I probed with my tongue and kissed with my lips. Mrs. Kumila sighed again and I felt her hand slide down to my arse and squeeze it through my leather skirt. I responded by pressing my pelvis against her soft ample stomach.

My heat was rising fast. I had never in my life been so horny - never so turned on. I was going to jelly in this woman's embrace. With her feminine intuition she lifted up my chin with her other hand and kissed me with her soft lips. We held the kiss for some time before I broke free, panting.

"Oh auntie, I love you. No one has ever made me feel like this - and certainly no man. I want you so badly, I want to worship your body with my tongue, my lips, my fingers, my breasts, my pussy. I so want to satisfy you. Will you teach me darling, will you teach me to really love a woman? There's nothing I won't do."

Reaching behind me I took Mrs. Kumila's hand and slipped it under my skirt. Finding that my pert arse was bare and smooth she grinned widely.

"Well, you are a deliciously naughty girl aren't you my dear! I can feel that you are going to be a very fast learner."

Her hand deftly slid around to my aroused pussy and came to rest on my distended cunt lips. She stroked me gently but oh so subtly, none of the other couples could have guessed the pleasure I was experiencing at this woman's soft hands.

"My darling, I love the feel of your smooth pussy. Did you shave it for me, baby, for auntie?"

"Yes, yes, I wanted to be totally bald for you my love."

"Good, good. And when you were awaiting our date, did you touch yourself honey, did you finger yourself thinking of me?"

"How did you know? Oh yes, several times I have been in heat all day. I even got my husband to relieve me with his tongue but it was you I imagined between my legs, your tongue on my clit. You must believe me."

"Yes, Anita, I believe you. And this juice, darling, is it for me?"

"Of course, auntie, its my gift only for you. Its been streaming out of me all evening. I'm so wet for you."

"And Anita, if I explore you with my feminine fingers will you cum for me now, amidst these couples, in my arms?"

Mrs. Kumila slipped her forefinger into my went and welcoming cunt. He middle finger soon followed, while her thumb circled my clit. My arousal was such that I couldn't have held back if I’d wanted. I pressed my face into her neck to stifle any cries and began to push myself against her soft and smooth fingers so different from a mans. My sharp intakes of breath alerted Mrs. Kumila to my arousal and my approaching crisis.

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