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From Cum Bang: "What kind of girl throws a pool party...when she can't swim? Daya Knight, that's who! The busty, ebony beauty really can't swim! That didn't stop her from inviting 12 white boys over to her place for some fun in the sun. "If you can't swim, then what are we doing in the pool?" Daya gets right to the point: "I wanna suck a lot of white dick!" In a matter of seconds, Daya's poolside and on her knees, her 19-year old mouth open and waiting for action. And action is what she gets. Watch as our crew take turns skull-fucking Daya until her head is spinning! But watch out for her braces, guys! Even with the old-school metal braces straightening her teeth, Daya keeps her head-game on point! So much so it doesn't take long before she coaxes the cum out of all of them! Daya giggles as she commands the guys to "cum on my braces!" Each and every one of them comply, painting Daya's pretty ebony skin white with their thick, heavy loads! "

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Daya Knight Bio

Daya Knight was born December 16, 1996. This makes her a free spirited Sagittarius. Sagittarians are always willing to explore new territory and her interracial gangbang really brings this out. Look at her taking all this cum. She's one of the few black pornstar who've been in an interracial gangbang. Hopefully, she'll become as popular as the pornstar Houston who takes over 500 men in one huge gangbang. At 21 she has the world ahead of her. In a Youtube interview she talks about unity in the industry instead of competing against each other. She also says she doesn't rank size as a factor but most men should be around six inches. And she also says a cock isn't all that counts and foreplay makes a difference. She is 5'6" so a huge cock can be scary and foreplay and lube is necessary because of all the stretching when dealing with jumbo dicks. One thing is she wears braces still. I don't know if it factors in the mix when she gives oral. Nonetheless, she makes great porn.