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Emily Kae Mini Bio

  • Birthdate October 10, 1991
  • Birthplace California
  • Websites worked with Twisty's, Reality Kings, Mofos, Team Skeet

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We parked at the pool hall, and the parking lot was full. A band was playing outside on the deck, and men or couples occupied most of the pool tables. All eyes follow her as we walked to an empty table, and she was walking so her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth under the blouse. We took a pool table in the center so all the other players could see her, and we started our first game. When she bent over to shoot, her ass cheeks peeked out from under her shorts, and her blouse opened just a little bit to show the top of her breasts.

When we play pool, we make bets on the game. She wins spending money and I win “sexy favors”. Well, lucky me, she lost the first game, and I smiled at her and said, “Unbutton your blouse.”

“Both buttons? But my bra will show and my nipples are almost coming out over the top!”

“Yes ? both buttons.” This left the blouse gaping open, the black push-up bra showing, and just the tie keeping the blouse from falling completely open. Now, with the blouse open, and the bra just barely covering her nipples, she began to show off. Lots of bending over to shoot, so her bra and breasts were exposed, and her ass poking out for anyone behind her to see.

For the next game, my bet was, “Either remove the blouse or do a sexy dance with the band for everyone on the deck.”

Kat blushed, and played very badly so she lost. I told her to pay up.

“Ok, I’ll dance for everyone.” Then she asked the band to play “Picture Away” and as soon as the music started, she began a slow, sensuous dance. Her hands caressed her body, from the crotch of her shorts to her breasts, which were nearly completely exposed because the blouse was wide open. She looked at me, and my hands made a motion indicating that I wanted her to untie the blouse. She smiled, and very slowly began to untie her blouse.

By this time, the audience on the deck had grown to standing room only. I was near the front, and heard a girl behind me say, “OMG, she’s going to open her blouse!” Her boyfriend simply said, “I hope so!”

The tie came loose, and the blouse fell open, revealing her lace push-up bra with her beautiful breasts mounded above the bra. I could tell by the look on her face she was really turned on, so I signaled to her to touch her breasts as she danced. The blouse was wide open, and she placed her hands on the bra and moved them to the mounds above the bra, in perfect time to the music.

Watching her touch herself made me hard, and I began to rub my cock as I watched with pride as she mesmerized the large crowd on the deck. The song was nearing the end, and I wanted more. I signaled to her that I wanted her to pull the bra cups down below her breasts. Kat gave me a “are you sure?” look. I nodded yes, and as the song was coming to an end, she pulled the bra cups down and her 34DD breast with nipple bars we now completely exposed.

Her hands caressed them as the song ended. The crowd was silent for a few seconds, and then burst into applause. Her face reddened, but she smiled and bowed to the audience. I thought she might pull the bra back up as she stepped off the stage, but she did not, and boldly walked to my side completely exposed. I stood to hug her, Kat said to Wendy, our very cute waitress, “I need a drink!”

As she sat down at our table, she loosely tied the blouse so it barely covered he nipples, and they became exposed as she shifted in her chair. She leaned back and pulled it closed, but it kept falling open as she caught her breath. The waitress brought her drink, and whispered something into her ear. When she left, I asked what she had said.

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