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Auger was back beside me, he was digging for something in his pants pocket. As my wife approached I could see that she was enjoying the view of his tight ass as he searched. The length of his cock could be seen between his legs, it was starting to plump up, gently bobbing as he moved. Alissa now had her hand over her crotch, she was lightly touching her sex as she watched Auger work.

Auger turned around and he was holding a few joints. "You smoke?" Auger asked, breaking the obvious sexual tension in the air. Alissa whipped her hand away from her pussy, she was flustered and replied "Definitely!"

That simply was not true, she told me that she had experimented with it in college, but from the sounds of it she just puffed on it. I had smoked a few times, but I did not find it at all enjoyable.

Auger stood in front of us and fired up the joint. He puffed the thick smoke deep into his lungs, followed by a slight cough. Auger dropped to his knees between Alissa and me. He deeply inhaled another hit and reached out to hand it to me. At the same time I saw him place his other hand on the inside of my wife's thigh. I didn't really react as I attempted to drag off the joint. Auger encouraged me to take more, I sucked the thick smoke into my lungs even deeper. This caused me to bend over in a massive coughing fit, Auger was able to recover the joint from my upturned hand. When I finally recovered enough I saw that Alissa was now smoking the joint quite happily. It looked like she knew what she was doing, she barely coughed at all as I watched the thick smoke stream from her pretty red lips.

During my coughing fit Auger had apparently moved in closer to my wife. Auger now had his arm around Alissa's trim waist. I leaned back to see his hand kneading the firmness of her ass. I also noticed that Alissa's own hand was now only inches away from Auger's massive appendage. She was staring it down licking her lips in approval. I had to nudge her to break her out of her trance. She shot me a guilty looking expression.

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