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Tricia Oaks Mini Bio

Tricia Oaks is a retired porn star. She was born July 21, 1984. In her heyday she was featured at Brazzers Network, Bangbros, Reality Kings, Naughty America and more. She was nominated for an AVN award in 2009 for Most Outrageous Sex Scene in Tattooed and Tight 3. Her later videos were more centered on the fetish sex scene like the pics here.

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His fingers passed over her tight belly and she giggled at the tickle. She could feel him smiling at her. It was as though, his moods were palatable to her; she could feel them wash over her. She had amused him and she felt a thrill of accomplishment at doing so. She was, after all, here to amuse and to be used by him and in that role find her satisfaction. She was his.

His fingers traced over her body, touching her across the belly and around the sides. As they slid up her back her flesh was covered in goose bumps and a shiver of pleasure washed through her. As he slowly traced down her back and onto her ass she could feel a heat burning within her pussy that she was sure would set the water on her skin to steam.

As his fingers played over her upper thighs and around her hips she began to tremble. It was amazing what his touch could bring out in her. Such a simple thing as a caress could open floodgates within her that she had never known existed. As he brushed over her shaved pussy lips she moaned and a tiny climax shook through her. The excitement, the touch . . . Everything was too much for her to bare . . . The small release rocked her before she knew it was even coming.

The heat of her climax shook off the cold of the rain and the brisk air. Suddenly she was sweating and panting. She trembled slightly, knowing she was not to cum until ordered and thus, she would be punished for her indiscretion. She had been bad.

His kiss was so gentle at first it was like a butterfly touching her cheek. So loving, it made her almost cry at the sensation. He stroked her hair and kissed her again on the other cheek. She felt so safe under his care; so complete with his touch. He kissed again on her shoulder, this time harder, more passionate. Tiffany trembled and drew in a deep breath.

She heard the bag unzip and could see it in her mind. Each toy placed in there with meticulous care in a set order. She had dutifully packed it earlier for him. She knew every toy in there, every piece of equipment. She fought to stand totally still, but not knowing what toy was being brought out made it impossible.

It was a wicked rattan cane. Wispy and supple, the sting from a strike took seconds to register and long, long minutes to fade. It was her least favorite, favorite toy. She feared it as much as she loved it. The sensation so strong, so intense, she was always afraid she could not withstand it. She always did, but the fear was too delicious to let go.

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